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Vatva Industries Association Charitable Trust (VIACT)

  • As a part of CSR activities & with the Vision of Public Service, VIA has started “Vatva Industries Association Charitable Trust” (VIACT) in year 1996.
  • In year 1997, VIACT has started Hospital in Vatva Industrial Area.
  • VIACT hospital is treating labors, employees & owners of the Industries in Vatva as well as residents of surrounding area.
  • All the patients at VIACT Hospital have been examined at Very Nominal Rate.
  • Honorary Medical Faculties, visiting VIACT Hospital, are :
    General Practitioner, E.N.T. Specialist, Pediatrician, Physician, Radiologist, Gynecologist, Homoeopathist, Pathologist, Ophthalmologist, Surgeon, Skin Specialist.
  • VIACT hospital is arranging many Camps during the year, with help of other charity organizations. In last couple of years the following Free Check-up Camps have been arranged :
    Diabetes & Blood Pressure, Aids Control, Dental, Congenital Diseases, Eye, Asthma, ENT Diseases TB & Lung Diseases, Cleft Palate, Pediatric Diseases
  • In Vatva Industrial Area, huge amount of manpower have been employed. Hence VIA has nurtured this as a Golden Opportunity of Blood Collection. As a result VIA have been arranging 2-4 Blood Donation Camps every year.
  • Members of VIA are also benefited for the mandatory check-up of their labors under the Factory Act.
  • A new VIACT Hospital Complex with all modern facilities like pathology laboratory, radiology, ENT & Dental diagnostics and minor surgeries, have been planned. Which shall be functioning in coming years.
  • Success of CSR activities by VIACT Hospital is measured by the below figures of last 6 years :
Year Patients Examined Blood Bottles Collected
2006-07 27557 601
2007-08 22018 734
2008-09 20207 876
2009-10 22965 604
2010-11 24999 304
2012-13 29515 126
Last 6 Years 147261 3245