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Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)

The Green Environment Co-operative Services Society Ltd (GESCSL)

The Green Environment Co-operative Services Society Ltd. is an independent body, which has been promoted by the association for the purpose of handling liquids, effluents & wastes and for their proper treatment & disposal.


GESCSL – Objectives

  • GESCSL was formed in 1992 with the main objective to abate pollution and conserve energy and environmental resources to achieve sustainable growth and development in VATVA.
  • To achieve this objective approximately a sum of Rs. 100 crore has been spent to set up the following Environmental Infrastructure Facilities and Management Systems
  • Establishment and operation of common facilities for the collection, treatment (CETP) and disposal of industrial effluent in the estate of Vatva having membership of 674 member industrial units.
  • Establishment and operation of common secured landfill facility (SLF) for the safe disposal of solid waste being generated by industrial units in Vatva and elsewhere.


The Common Waste Management System in the estate of Vatva consists of the following components….

  • Industrial Wastewater Management
    • Internal Collection System
    • Common Effluent Treatment Plant
    • Sludge Treatment & Disposal
    • Disposal into Mega Pipeline
  • Solid Waste Management
    • Common Secured Landfill Facility (SLF)



  • No. of industrial units served : 674
  • Area covered : 13.5 sq. k.m.
  • System Description :
    • Collection of industrial wastewater by gravity into 92 sump rooms.
    • Conveyance of wastewater by gravity from Sump rooms to 7 Pumping stations.
    • Pumping of wastewater from pumping station to CETP for treatment.
    • Sampling of discharge of every unit to determine CETP inlet parameters.


  • Treatment Capacity : 16000 m3 of effluent per day
  • Land Area : 28000 sq. m.
  • Treatment Technology : State of the art technology involving physico-chemical treatment followed by activated sludge based biological process supported by physico-chemical, micro biology and instrumental analysis labs along with R&D facilities.
  • Investment: Rs.74.41 crore.


  • Primary and Secondary sludge are collected in Sludge Holding Tanks for treatment.
  • Sludge is pumped to Decanters for de-watering.
  • Treated sludge is ultimately disposed to Secured Landfill Disposal Site at Village Vinzol, developed by The Green Environment Services Co. operative Society Limited.


  • Treated effluent is taken to Final Pumping Statin from where it is pumped to AMC’s mega pipeline carrying the treated effluent to the down stream of Pirana Sewage Treatment Plant through a closed pipeline.

    There it is mixed with treated sewage of Pirana Sewage Treatment Plant before disposal into River Sabarmati Society Limited.

Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Sludge Treatment & Disposal

Disposal Of Treated Effluent